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//         July 17th to September 1st, 2021 at the Chornomorsk Museum Fine Art / Museum Belogo.

//        November 7th to  December 23th, 2021 at  Bildungswerkstatt Schloss Eulenbroich, Rösrath, Germany


//      May 16th to September 11th, 2022 Kardinal Schulte Haus, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany


//       January 18th - 21st 2023 at Gallery of the Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco

//       March 17th to 23rd Park-Kultur Düsseldorf | Founon | Sechzig.nrw

//       5th to 7th July Al Akhawayn University | Conference Diversity, Equity, Inclusion | Morocco

//       September 14th to January 10th, 2024 Intercultural Restaurant CHICHE!,  Luxembourg-Leudelange


//    until 10th 2024 at Chiche! Luxembourg-Leudelange

//  Permanent exhibition in Deutsches Studienkolleg in Morocco

//      We are looking for new partners around the globe

It was an amazing Vernissage at the intercultural Restaurant Chiche!, run by the energetic Marianne. See our report here soon.

// July 5th-7th, 2023 Conference at Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco


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// Park-Kultur Düsseldorf in the exhibition series FOUNON

on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Moroccan-German Migration Agreement. The moroccan community had invited Thyra Holst as an artist with engagement to Morocco.

/ Exhibition, opening celebration March 17th 2023, guided tour March 19th 2023

/ Project Report by kulturdialog e.V.

/ MLeben TV

// Exhibition in January 2023, Al Akhwawyn University, Ifrane, Morocco

/ MLeben TV. German, English, Moroccan Arab

/ Ghazali TV. Moroccan Arab, German, English

/ Kardinal Schulte Haus, Bergisch Gladbach - Bensberg, Germany

/ Bildungswerkstatt Schloss Eulenbroich, Rösrath, Germany

/ Museum Belogo, Chermomorsk, Ukraine



/ Interview auf MLebenTV von Nabil Kissani mit Thyra Holst

/ Project description



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// Media talking about FACES OF US

/ Ukrainian press

/ German press

Kölner Stadtanzeiger about FACES OF US | 5.11.2021


/ Interview by Moroccan jounalist Abdelhay Korret at Anabaa Express, published in German

/ Blog Thomas Morus Akademie

Interview Andreas Würbel, Thomas-Morus-Akademie mit Thyra Holst, Kuratorin:

Das Bergische

Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis